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Alliance to End Hunger staff visit Dadaab during trip to Kenya

outskirts of Dadaab refugee camp

In August 2011, Executive Director Tony Hall and Chief of Staff Ann Steensland visited Kenya.  During that time, the Horn of Africa was in the midst of the worst drought since 1950, with famine being declared in much of southern Somalia.  As a result, refugees from Somalia crossed the Kenyan border to Dadaab, a small town now host to a large refugee camp. 

Alliance members Catholic Relief Services and World Food Programme hosted Ann and Tony on trips to the Dadaab camp.  You can see more pictures of the trip on Flickr, and view the presentation Ann put together about the trip. You can also view the pictures on our Facebook page, along with those of Rick McNary, CEO of Alliance member Numana, Inc.  For on-the-ground information, check out the Alliance's Twitter account- Ann live-tweeted most of the trip.