“Mission Statement: Building the awareness of hunger in the State of New Mexico by supporting under-lying solutions that inspire self-sufficiency and communi-ty empowerment and support for a hunger-free tomorrow.

The 4th Annual End Hunger in New Mexico Summit
This year’s Summit will begin to address challenges and so-lutions to ending hunger in the state of New Mexico. Morning keynote speakers will include experts on the subject of hunger. The after-noon session will be a work-ing group of becoming familiar with the FYY17-21 New Mexico Action Plan to End Hunger.

Goal 1: Pair Data and Resources determining the most recent data regarding the hunger in New Mexico within the next 5 years.
 Goal 2: Engage and coordinate intergenerational feeding programs throughout the state of NM within the next 5 years.
 Goal 3: Increase access to conventional transportation throughout New Mexico within the next 5 years.
 Goal 4: Increase participation among teachers, parents and counselors in the schools to participate in the Hunger Summit and advocate to work on hunger issues in their schools.”