100-Mile Hunger Walk Steps Out This September

August 17, 2015

Diana Muresan, Church World Service

Courtesy: CWS

Courtesy: CWS

Imagine a global walk in which ordinary people around the world join in the effort to raise funds and awareness for hunger.

The 100 Mile Walk is an annual event that raises awareness and funds to fight hunger around the world.

This fall, Maurice Bloem will once again complete his 100-mile journey, walking for one week on the East Coast while also visiting food banks, shelters, youth-centers and CROP Hunger Walk communities.

A yearly theme and a question invites participation globally, deepening engagement in fighting global hunger. This year it’s “What drives you to go 100 miles for a cause or issue that is important to you?” supported by the hashtag, #WhatDrivesMy100.
There are many ways to get involved with the cause: In addition to donating dollars, from September 8th through the 14th, people can contribute the miles they walk toward a collective goal of 795 miles, representing the 795 million people who are hungry globally.

The Walk will span the east coast, reaching spots from New Jersey to and North Carolina. On September 9th, we will begin walking in Vienna, Va. and end the day in Washington, DC. Lucy Sullivan, Executive Director of 1,000 Days, a program to invest in maternal and young child nutrition, as well as Asma Lateef, Director of Bread for the World, will join Bloem’s Walk.

For those interested in walking along with us and getting involved in this movement, here is our proposed schedule. Be sure to continue checking our webpage for more updates!

September 8th – Durham, NC
September 9th – DC to Greenbelt, MD
September 10th – Vienna, VA to Arlington, VA
September 11th – Harrisburg, PA
September 12th – Bethlehem to Easton, PA
September 13th – Redbank, NJ
September 14th – Fort Lee to NYC

If you’d like to join us on our journey or simply know more about the cause, more ways to get involved or Maurice’s work on fighting hunger be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. or simply check out our website 100mile.orgYou can also email us directly at incubationlab@cwsglobal.org or call 212 870 2798.