57 Million Healthy Meals! Feeding Children Everywhere Joins the Alliance to End Hunger

August 19, 2016

Robert Andrescik, Chief Communications Officer, Feeding Children Everywhere

Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is honored to join The Alliance to End Hunger. We know that when people come together, great things happen. We also know how incredibly gratifying it can be to see what a group of people can accomplish when they are focused on a common goal. Together, we are mobilized. Together, we are empowered. Together, we are working toward a hunger-free world.

Renée Ittner-McManus/RIM Photography, Courtesy: Feeding Children Everywhere

Renée Ittner-McManus/RIM Photography, Courtesy: Feeding Children Everywhere

A Florida-based social charity that has successfully mobilized 388 thousand volunteers to package 57 million healthy meals for hungry children and families around the world, we recently celebrated our sixth “birthday” at our headquarters near Orlando.

The celebration brought together over a hundred enthusiastic volunteers and supporters to prepare a special gift — 25,000 meals that went directly to families in Central Florida.

Formed in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, FCE has grown from a movement conceived around a dining room table to a social charity with a far-reaching impact, delivering millions of meals to 49 countries around the world. Our domestic feeding program, U.S. Hunger, was formed in 2013 to provide meals to the 45 million Americans who live below the poverty line.

Courtesy: Feeding Children Everywhere

Courtesy: Feeding Children Everywhere

Volunteer meal-packing events, or Hunger Projects, are done in assembly-line fashion and held throughout the country. Each Hunger Project draws up to 10,000 volunteers from corporations, houses of worship and various other groups working together toward a hunger-free world.

By partnering with food pantries, NGOs, orphanages and schools, and providing them with much-needed healthy meals, we are working to break the cycle of hunger and hopelessness here in the U.S. and abroad.

Our CEO, Dave Green, explains: “Food meets a fundamental need, and meeting that need leads to restoration: restoration of children, restoration of families, restoration of veterans and seniors. We’re honored to join The Alliance. Together, we’re transforming communities and, ultimately, the world.”

Learn more about FCE at feedingchildreneverywhere.com.