600,000 Meals and Counting for Ebola Patients

October 24, 2014

Iowa-based nonprofit Outreach, Inc. ships another 300,000 of 1,000,000 meals to Liberia for Ebola Hospital Patients

Rick McNary, Outreach, Inc.

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

Another container of 300,000 meals for hospitalized Ebola patients and their families in Liberia shipped from the Outreach, Inc. warehouse at in DesMoines on Tuesday, October 14.  The first container of 300,000 meals was shipped on September 18, 2014, from Outreach’s warehouse. A total of one million meals wills be sent to Liberia.

Outreach and associated organizations will provide a total of one million meals for Liberia.

Outreach founder Floyd Hammer said, “This container of meals is unique because many Liberians from the Des Moines area packaged meals for their family and friends who are suffering in Liberia.  The local Liberian community in Des Moines is like the rest of us who hear media reports and don’t know what to do. Outreach provides the opportunity to package meals that will save the lives of fellow Liberians.”

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

Walter Gwenigale, a local Des Moines resident whose father is the Minister of Health in Liberia says, “Liberians in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids have many friends and family back in Liberia and we watch the news hoping that they get this contained soon. We worry about our family, we worry about our friends, and we worry about our country. It was great to actually help package meals last Saturday that will be going to Liberia for Ebola patients.”

Outreach has helped package over 259 million meals over the past ten years, and Co-Founders Floyd Hammer and Kathy Hamilton were quick to respond when the Government of Liberia requested assistance.  “Ten years ago we watched children dying of starvation in Africa and started Outreach as a way to help them get safe water, food, medicine, and an education.  We’ve been to these kinds of hospitals and know how desperately they need food. Hospitals don’t provide food for patients so it is up to the family to feed them. Yet, with Ebola patients, they are quarantined and the family can’t help. It is a desperate situation but we are providing a life-saving solution.”

Outreach has several packing associates who have contributed meals to reach the goal of one million:

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

Courtesy, Outreach, Inc.

  • Food for Kidz
  • Liberty Ministries
  • Brainerd Lakes Area Kids Against Hunger
  • Friends Against Hunger

If you would like to help defray the shipping cost of $7,500 per container, please call Outreach at: 641-486-2550 or email us at: office@outreachprogram.org


Ways to make a tax-deductible donation:

Website:  www.outreachprogram.org

Text OUTREACH to:  641-243-4341

Send a check to:       Outreach, Inc.

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