Alliance Launches Advocacy Playbook with ConAgra Foods Foundation

July 7, 2015

The Alliance to End Hunger is releasing its Advocacy Playbook today on its website, in partnership with ConAgra Foods Foundation. This toolkit is the centerpiece of the Alliance to End Hunger’s new initiative to emphasize the role of advocacy in ending domestic hunger and provides guidance for effective activism. With associated webinars and trainings to guide volunteers through the advocacy process, this interactive online resource is widely accessible to the public.

Hunger is a prominent issue in the United States—according to the USDA, 1 in 6 people in the United States struggle with hunger, and 16 million children face hunger. As an organization working to collectively end hunger, the Alliance to End Hunger effectively engages a myriad of partners nationwide to capitalize on the power of persuasion to build the public and political will to end hunger. ConAgra Foods Foundation, in particular, has played a significant role in this initiative, recognizing the unharnessed power of national volunteerism as an untapped resource. As Kori Reed at ConAgra Foods Foundation remarks, “Volunteers are often unclear about how to get involved and which activities will yield the best results for children and their families. This disconnect creates a large gap in untapped support for nonprofit organizations that are on the ground in communities.”

The Advocacy Playbook is part of a broader effort spurred by the ConAgra Foods Foundation’s partnership to close the gap between volunteerism and proactive action, and aims to connect volunteers to activities which can add increased value to a nonprofit organization, either in terms of efficiency or reach, and has a more lasting impact for children and families. “There are millions of Americans dedicated to ending hunger and putting their energy into hunger relief efforts at organizations across the country. We are thrilled to introduce the Advocacy Playbook, a tool to help those volunteers and organizations increase their impact and become change agents in the fight to end hunger,” says Rebecca Middleton of the Alliance to End Hunger.

Initial response to the Playbook has been positive, with remarks praising the effort for providing a tool that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. As a crucial component in engaging the public in standing up for long-term solutions to hunger, Feeding South Florida’s President and CEO, Paco Velez, notes, “The Playbook is a great resource that will help volunteers at hunger-relief organizations take that critical next step to organize, mobilize and educate legislators about the importance of ending hunger as a national priority.”

The playbook is available on the Alliance to End Hunger’s website. For more information about this tool and initiative, please contact Minerva Delgado at