Alliance Launches Membership Program for Start-Up Organizations

January 23, 2017

Danielle Haddy, Alliance to End Hunger

membership cover

Alliance members meet in the Fall of 2015 for one of two annual membership meetings in Washington, DC. (Nathan Magrath/Alliance to End Hunger)

The Alliance to End Hunger is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has recently approved a new class of membership for small start-up organizations and emerging, innovative leaders that cannot afford traditional membership dues.  The Start-Up Program is accessible to any organization that is committed to ending hunger and whose annual revenue is less than $250,000.  Interested parties should submit an application and, once received, will be vetted through the formal approval process that all current members are subject to.  All organizations approved under this category will receive full general membership benefits.  Contribution amounts have been reduced to a modest $250  (negotiable at staff discretion if amount is not feasible for organization).  Organizations will be required to submit their annual budgets and will be moved to the regular membership scale once their revenue exceeds $250,000.

It is our hope that through this new tier of membership all parties will have access to the opportunities presented within the Alliance to End Hunger  and its network– and will be connected to the greater anti-hunger community so that no innovation is lost in the fight to end hunger at home and abroad.