Alliance Members Rally Behind ‘Vote to End Hunger’ Movement

June 2, 2016

Nathan Magrath, Manager of Communications and Outreach, Alliance to End Hunger

Vote to End Hunger_Twitter profileVote to End Hunger recently surpassed a milestone of 100 organizations committed to helping to end hunger by 2030.  Of the 120+ organizations that have signed on so far, more two Dozen are Alliance to End Hunger members, representing the Alliance’s latest collective push to build the public and political will to end hunger.

The Vote to End Hunger movement—launched at the Iowa Hunger Summit in October 2015—is a coalition of individuals and organizations who see an opportunity in the upcoming presidential election to raise hunger and poverty as national priorities.  The movement has been working throughout the presidential primary season to collect statements from presidential candidates on how they would plan to address poverty and hunger if they were elected.

“Watching the support for Vote to End Hunger grow has been exciting,” stated Alliance COO Rebecca Middleton.  “Knowing that the Alliance’s own collective impact can help support the mission of such a complimentary movement is exactly how we will all succeed in raising these issues on the political agenda.”

As a part of the members of the Alliance to End Hunger that have joined the Vote to End Hunger movement, the Alliance itself—plus 5 of its members—comprise six out of the seven VTEH Steering Committee organizations.

Vote to End Hunger is based on the vision of ending hunger everywhere by 2030.  Guiding principles state that members of the movement believe this is possible, but only with a concerted and dedicated effort across sectors and government.  Through VTEH, this collective effort manifests itself through raising poverty and hunger as significant issues in the presidential election cycle.  The movement understands that ending hunger is a universal desire and is not a partisan issue.

The VTEH movement is open for any individuals and organizations willing to help promote its mission.  The movement operates in accordance to rules of non-profits, and in a positive, non-partisan light.  If interested in joining the Vote to End Hunger movement, visit