Alliance to End Hunger Congratulates President-Elect Biden, Urges Fast Action on Food Security at Home and Abroad

November 9, 2020

WASHINGTON (November 9, 2020) – The following statement is attributable to Eric Mitchell, Executive Director of the Alliance to End Hunger:

“On behalf of the Alliance to End Hunger, I congratulate former Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris on their electoral victory. The Alliance and its members look forward to working with the new Administration and Congress during this critical time for hungry families in the United States and around the world.

There is no time for a business-as-usual transition period.  We urge the Trump Administration, Biden transition team, and Congress to work together on an additional Coronavirus Stimulus package that will help alleviate the suffering of millions of people in the U.S. and abroad. COVID-19 is spiking, with an estimated 51 million cases worldwide.  As we enter the winter months it is imperative that we have programs and policy mechanisms in place to help those struggling with hunger and poverty.

Among critical aspects of a new stimulus deal, we are urging Congress to include a 15% increase in SNAP benefits and an increase in the minimum benefit from $16 to $30. Additionally, in the face of a global hunger emergency, U.S. humanitarian, health and development non-governmental organizations are calling on the U.S. government to invest $20 billion for global relief programs, plus $2 billion for food security and nutrition.

We are entering a perilous time.  As we witness increases in Coronavirus cases, local and national governments are considering steps to take that could have considerable impacts on peoples’ lives. Now more than ever, we must put aside our political differences and cooperate for the sake of the health and wellbeing of everyone.”