Alliance Welcomes ‘A Place at the Table’ #FoodisFuel Campaign

January 11, 2017

Washington, DC: (Jan. 6, 2016) The Alliance to End Hunger is pleased to support last week’s launch of a new national anti-hunger campaign titled “Food Is Fuel” which seeks to educate the American public about the far-reaching effects of hunger in the United States, and mobilize an energized response to build political will to solve this issue.  This three-year media campaign was announced by the Food Policy Action Education Fund (FPA-EF).

“As a coalition committed to build the public and political will to end hunger, the Alliance sees the launch of this campaign as both exciting and promising,” stated Alliance to End Hunger Executive Director, Rebecca Middleton. “Hunger is not a partisan issue, and the #FoodIsFuel campaign will help us in our efforts to come together and promote responses to end hunger once and for all and fuel the potential of every American.”

The #FoodisFuel campaign was developed by the Food Policy Action Education Fund, including co-founder and chef activist Tom Colicchio and his wife, A Place at the Table documentary director Lori Silverbush.  The message of the campaign is that hunger can affect everyone—including children, veterans, and seniors; and that hunger is solvable, as long as we work together to build the necessary political will. At the foundation of the campaign is the idea that sufficient nutritious food can fuel Americans’ potential.

The campaign features celebrities such as Tom Colicchio, Edie Falco, Julianne Margulies, Rosie Perez, Questlove, Norman Reedus, and others. The launch of the campaign included a widely-shared video that features First Lady Michelle Obama, asking viewers to embrace the idea of food as fuel as part of her own ongoing work supporting nutrition for children. The video can be seen here. Other aspects include a photo ad campaign as well as an online, mobile and social campaign, all designed to raise awareness and encourage participation in the movement.

Individuals can learn more about the campaign at  They are also encouraged to join the social media campaign using the hashtag #FoodIsFuel.