CGIAR Fund Introduces New Aspect to Alliance

April 1, 2014

Jonathan Wadsworth, Executive Secretary of the CGIAR Fund Council and Head of Fund Office

The CGIAR Fund is pleased to join the Alliance to End Hunger. We share your passion and commitment, and believe achieving our mission together will require progress on three equally challenging fronts: (i) political will; (ii) science and technology innovation; and (iii) mass mobilization.

Jonathan Wadsworth (Courtesy, CGIAR Fund Office)

The CGIAR is one of the building blocks of the international effort to create important innovations that can help feed our growing global population in the midst of a changing climate. The CGIAR Fund is the largest public vehicle for financing the agricultural research advantages needed to meet the global food challenges of the 21st century and forge a world free of hunger and poverty. We help mobilize more than $1 billion annually to support the work of more than 10,000 scientists and specialists across 15 centers of agricultural research excellence worldwide.

We are a global research partnership that advances cutting-edge science to reduce rural poverty, strengthen food security, improve health and nutrition, and ensure the more sustainable management of natural resources. For more than 4 decades, the CGIAR and its many partners have transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the developing world through the tangible impacts of agriculture research.

We are very pleased to join the Alliance, and look forward to working together.

Dr. Wadsworth has led the CGIAR through its strongest period of growth and change, with annual funding doubling to over $1 billion over the past five years. A livestock scientist by training, Dr. Wadsworth has spent most of his career in the field, working to develop and disseminate life-saving agricultural technologies to the farmers who need them most. He spent decades designing and implementing projects across the global south, until DFID asked him to direct its investments in agricultural research. There, he laid the groundwork for reforming the CGIAR, and now heads the CGIAR Fund at the World Bank.