Convoy of Hope Responds to the Refugee Crisis

September 22, 2015

Molly Erickson, PR & Creative Communications Director, Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope and Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) are working with partners in Europe and the Middle East to bring disaster relief supplies and more to refugees.

“We are actively working responses in both regions,” says Mike Clark, senior advisor and senior policy director of International Program for Convoy of Hope. “Already, we have send funding our partners in Macedonia to help with food distribution. Our teams in Europe will distribute food and supplies in Northern France.”

In an effort to mitigate some of the dangers and challenges refugee women and children face as they flee war-torn, impoverished and terrorist-infested homelands, Convoy of Hope has implemented a long-term strategy that spans two regions and is expected to help tens of thousands of people.

“Refugees in the Middle East face horrendous conditions in camps all over the region,” sys Chris Dudley, Disaster Services response director for Convoy of Hope. “Because children and women are the most vulnerable in these situations, we have given them priority.”

Courtesy: Convoy of Hope

Courtesy: Convoy of Hope

Since November 2014, Convoy of Hope has been distributing food, blankets, mattresses, heaters, heating oil, newborn health kits, baby formula and coats. To date, more than 800,000 meals have been distributed to 13,452 refugees – 70% of those served have been children.

“We’re expecting to serve thousands of children,” adds Clark. “Our intervention in the Middle East will differ from our response in Europe, as our work in the Middle East will span at least two years.”

Convoy of Hope Europe has responded by supplying refugees and partner organizations who are also serving them, with emergency food, supplies and finances to help meet immediate needs of refugee families who make it to Europe.

“We’re expecting to serve approximately 5,000 refugees in Europe in the coming months,” says Michael McNamee, CEO of Convoy of Hope Europe. “Since these refugees are in temporary situations, the duration of our interventions will be shorter, but will be intensive and include food, clean water, blankets, rain ponchos, heaters, heater oil and laundry services.”

Because of the atrocities many refugees have experienced, treating each refugee with the utmost respect will be how Convoy of Hope moves forward to bring them help and hope.

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