CWS Executive Vice President’s 100 Mile Hunger Walk Campaign Launches Beta App to Help Hunger Relief Efforts

October 31, 2016

Campaign to fight hunger continues through the end of the year

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NEW YORK—Global humanitarian organization CWS today announced that its executive vice president Maurice A. Bloem’s 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign has launched an innovative beta app, which allows its users to earn points and compete with friends while raising funds and awareness to fight hunger worldwide.

This app enables players to log their physical activity—including walking, running, cycling and swimming—and also submit donations for hunger relief efforts through December. Still in its beta version, this app will solicit users’ feedback and continue to develop in the months to come.

cws aug 16

Left to Right: CWS Board Member Marshall Toplansky; Anaheim, CA Mayor Tom Tait; CWS Executive VP Maurice Bloem; and World Deeds Owner Eric Whitaker.

“As we continue facing a staggering hunger epidemic around the world, this app is a creative approach to engage more people in doing life-changing good—all while immersed in a gamer experience,” said CWS Exectutive Vice President Maurice A. Bloem,who started the 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign in 2012. “On and offline, we hope this helps draw more advocates and offers the public another avenue to walk n solidarity with those in need—so that no one is left behind.”    

“Sustainnovation is excited to support CWS in its mission by building communities in a dynamic and social way through technology, gamification, and the mobile revolution. The app allows people to rally around common causes in a pragmatic way and have fun while helping others,” said Daniel Hazman, Founder and CEO of

The 100 Mile Hunger Walk campaign—now in its fifth year—aims to collect 795,000 by 2030, representing the 795 million people worldwide who lack enough food to lead healthy and productive lives.

Download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store now: