Energized Hunger Free Communities Initiative Announces Summit

June 28, 2016

Minerva Delgado, Director of Coalitions and Advocacy, Alliance to End Hunger

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The Hunger Free Communities initiative has announced the hosting of the 2016 HFC Summit in Indianapolis, IN.  The summit will be held at the Omni Severin Hotel on October 5 and 6, 2016.

For the first time, the summit will be held outside of Washington, DC.  We plan to host future summits in different regions of the country.  This year, we selected the Midwest to highlight the work of Indy Hunger Network (www.indyhunger.org/).

The Hunger Free Communities initiative is the Alliance to End Hunger’s domestic-focused program that provides resources and support for ‘Hunger Free Community’ coalitions across the country.  These local community HFC initiatives are broad-based, multi-sector coalitions that are committed to ending hunger in their communities. Initiatives across the country range in scale, from small towns and counties to major metropolitan areas and states. Some are led by governors, mayors, or members of Congress, while others are entirely community driven. At their core, these initiatives are formed around the belief that to end hunger, a broad range of community actors must unite behind a common vision and strategy. Hunger Free Community coalitions often include stakeholders from government agencies, businesses, faith groups, health service providers, educational institutions, civic associations, foundations and non-profit organizations. Successful coalitions include not only “movers and shakers,” but also concerned citizens, volunteers, and program clients and participants.

The 2016 National Hunger Free Communities Summit is a two-day event providing current and aspiring Hunger Free Community organizers and the broader anti-hunger community a forum to learn, share and network while exploring best practices in collective action against hunger. The goals for the conference include sharing successful strategies for collective impact; learning about effective approaches from content experts; and identifying new tools, resources and partners for planning, implementing and evaluating community-based hunger relief efforts.

A variety of individuals and organizations are encouraged to attend the summit, including: representatives of organizations currently participating in an HFC initiative somewhere in the country; individuals seeking to build an HFC initiative in their community; community leaders seeking best practices to start or improve a hunger-free initiative; and individuals and students with a general interest in learning how to contribute to the fight against hunger.

We are currently collecting workshop proposals for the summit.  These proposals should highlight best practices to develop hunger-free plans for communities, underscore what is working and what is not, propose constituent engagement strategies, and/or present a forum for discussion around any number of topics of mutual interest.  Those who are interested in submitting a proposal can do so HERE.

There are also opportunities to sponsor the 2016 HFC Summit.  Potential sponsors are encouraged to consider this opportunity as a way to be recognized for their hard work to ending hunger in the U.S., ensure representation through talks and panels at the summit, and even contribute to the development of a toolkit to bolster best practices and successes of Hunger Free Communities nationwide.  Click HERE to learn more about this opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in Indy!