Farm Journal Foundation Launches Nutrition Infographic

February 17, 2015

Lesly Weber McNitt, Director-Government Relations and Program Development, Farm Journal Foundation

As the United Nations gears up to adopt a post-2015 development agenda designed to build on its Millennium Development Goals, the year 2015 serves as a reflection point for many of us. We look back, evaluating both achievements and work still to be done to improve the lives of millions, and we peer into the future with hope and renewed commitment. Looking out at our global food system over the next 15 years, one bond that continues to unite us all is our need for safe, affordable and nutritious food to live a quality life.

As part of Farm Journal Foundation’s mission of sustaining agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and empowerment, the Foundation is committed to rallying the agricultural community to fight hunger and building a common understanding of modern agriculture’s role in our food system. While not everyone farms, everyone needs to eat, and through our shared connection to food we hope more people will connect to agriculture.

Farm Journal Foundation created a new infographic to illustrate how nutrition insecurity impacts different populations around the world. While the form this problem takes in different places may vary, the lack of affordable, accessible, diverse and quality nutrition results in lost potential and diminished communities everywhere.


Each year our partner the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation releases an annual letter from Bill Gates sharing his vision for how to improve the lives of the world’s poorest people.  This year for the first time he co-wrote the letter with his wife and Foundation Co-Chair, Melinda. In the letter, Bill and Melinda called for investing in agriculture as one of the key ways to change our world for the better. By linking back to the Agriculture section in the Gates annual letter  we can see how strategic investments in stronger agricultural value chains can make nutritional security possible for many more people.

Please help us spread this important message by sharing this infographic. It can be accessed on our website HERE. For those of you who are active on social media you will see the infographic posted on our Facebook page ( and Twitter (@farmersfeeding) as well. Follow the Gates Annual Letter conversation with the hashtags #Gatesletter and #placeyourbet and you can see the full letter at