GIVN Goods: Envisioning a World Where Doing Good is Easy

April 6, 2017

John Houseal, Co-Founder, GIVN Water


Photo courtesy of GIVN Goods

GIVN is a social enterprise whose mission is to turn everyday items into meaningful good and empower consumers to give in everything they do.  We believe that all people aspire to realize meaning and purpose in their lives, and that by giving a collective voice to this energy we can make the world a better place one choice at a time.  Our vision is a world where doing good is easy and everyday consumer choices power hope and inspiration for communities in need.

Our flagship product is GIVN Water – a premium American spring water that is sourced and bottled responsibly and for every bottle sold we fund one day of clean water for a person in need.  Our targeted near-term goal is to leverage the everyday purchase of bottled water to provide access to clean water for over 100 million people.  To-date we have funded just over 800,000 days of clean water and hope to more than double that number in 2017.

Our journey to joining the Alliance to End Hunger started in late April 2016.  As the head of our social impact program, I was on a site visit to Yei, South Sudan to evaluate the continuing need for and progress of our investments in clean water projects through our partnership with During the trip, I visited Harvesters House of Hope Bet Eman Women and Children Hospital to donate blood (of all things to do in South Sudan) – as blood is in short supply, but greatly needed to support medical procedures related to childbirth.

Photo courtesy of GIVN Goods

Photo courtesy of GIVN Goods

During the visit to Harvesters, I toured the facility with the chief physician and was shocked to observe the level of malnutrition prevalent in the patient population.  One pair of patients I visited on the tour was a young mother and child.  The child appeared to be approximately six months old, and in a moment I will never forget, the chief physician turned to me and said “the child is 2.5 years old.” It was a moment I have never forgotten.

From that moment on the linkage between water and nutrition, looking past broader civil society considerations, has become a key focus for our organization. In simple terms, quenching someone’s thirst only to leave them hungry seems incomplete.  While we are still a start-up, our aspirations are aggressive and GIVN is now exploring how we might develop a product line to fund investments in nutrition to end hunger. Part of this process is immersing ourselves within a community of likeminded organizations.  And this is how we came to join the Alliance to End Hunger.  We are so excited to collaborate with everyone and welcome all your support!

Liz & John