Growing Hope Globally: Commitment to Ending World Hunger Strengthened with New Name and CEO

October 16, 2018

Growing Hope Globally Welcomes Max Finberg and Announces an Inspirational New Brand Identity to align its mission and organizational strategy

Max Finberg recently joined Growing Hope Globally (formerly Foods Resource Bank) as President & CEO (Courtesy: Growing Hope Globally)

There are two new faces to an organization that has been working to end world hunger for nearly 20 years. Growing Hope Globally, formerly Foods Resource Bank, changed its name and logo just after welcoming new President & CEO Max Finberg.

Finberg joined the organization on September 1, bringing nearly 25 years’ experience working to end hunger and poverty in both the United States and around the world, most recently serving as a director of the United Nation’s World Food Program in Rome, Italy, the world’s largest humanitarian agency. He first worked with Foods Resource Bank, now known as Growing Hope Globally, almost 20 years ago as the inaugural executive director for the Alliance to End Hunger.

“I am honored and humbled to join the family of farmers, volunteers, churches, and partner organizations who are putting their faith into action by serving others,” says Finberg.

Board Chair Brian Backe adds, “We are excited to welcome Max as our new leader. He brings the experience, strengths and relationships that will allow us to grow into the future. We are also extremely grateful for the solid foundation that has been laid by our former CEO Marv Baldwin, staff, volunteers and supporters who have enabled almost 1.6 million people in the developing world to become food secure.”

Launched in October, the new name, Growing Hope Globally, better reflects the organization’s agricultural roots and the key role it plays in helping people a world away lift themselves out of poverty and hunger, providing hope for generations to come. The rebrand is a key initiative in its new organizational strategy that focuses on adding more fundraising capacity and strengthening its partner network.  The new logo’s three interrelated parts – a circle, heart and lines of soil – represent the seeds of hope planted by volunteers and their global commitment to supporting people in need.

“Our innovative Growing Project model for fundraising brings communities together to become an active part of the solution to end hunger,” says Finberg. “Having a new name that better captures the spirit of the organization will inspire more people to join us and start new Growing Projects, which will ultimately help us reach even more hungry people around the world.” Our innovative model of Growing Projects and Partner Organizations allows us to share resources to help people in need provide for their families.”

Through Growing Projects, U.S. farmers, their churches, and surrounding communities come together to raise money and awareness to support global food security programs. These programs, implemented by 14 international partners, provide tools and agricultural training to people living in some of the poorest areas of the world. The impact is lasting. When poor families can grow their own food, they not only have enough to eat, but excess to sell and earn an income, breaking the cycle of poverty. Growing Hope Globally is currently supporting 47 food security programs in 27 countries.

Founded as Foods Resource Bank in 1999, Growing Hope Globally has raised more than $51 million in its quest to end world hunger. Across the U.S., 164 Growing Projects, representing more than 2,000 volunteers based in rural farming communities, have helped raise 70 percent of that total. While many Growing Projects are rooted in agriculture – profits from crops raised are donated – others center around events such as dinners, auctions, bike rides, and 5k races. To learn more, visit