Our focus is increasing healthy affordable food access and community nutrition in Texas.  We are an education focused organization.  We do not serve the public directly rather serve the professionals within those agencies with educational support activities.  We do this by:

  • Convening our network partners across the state through our 6 regional meetings held in SE Texas, West Texas, Texas Panhandle, North Texas, Central Texas and South Texas regions.  We update them on food and nutrition news and information.  Regional meetings typically are attended by 60-125 community partners depending on the region.
  • We provide various educational events such as trainings and workshops on various food and nutrition topics.
  • We host 2 annual statewide conferences.  The Texas Food Access Symposium and Community Nutrition Summit. These are held in Houston.
  • We distribute our monthly statewide newsletter known as the Texas Food Access Bulletin.  The bulletin connects and strengthens our network partners by providing news and information on food assistance, agriculture and nutrition topics by region.  The bulletin is distributed to over 5000 food assistance, agriculture, public health and nutrition professionals across the state.
  • We are provide internship opportunities and are a training ground for nutrition and public health students and other closely related disciplines.


Our reach is a network of over 5000 community partners professionals in Texas.  Organizations that we convene include professionals from government, schools, universities, community health, agricultural extension, faith and community-based organizations.

At Hunger Free Texans we believe that the more we can help lift and support our communities the stronger we are in meeting the needs of Texas Residents in reducing hunger and increasing health and nutrition efforts.