“There are many kinds of people working on hunger around Kansas City and beyond – non-profits, schools, families, churches, etc. – but we don’t always know what others are doing or work together to work more efficiently and support each other.

One of our network BackSnack programs came to us because they wanted to do more and weren’t sure what direction to go. We worked with their church to pull together a group of people that were working on hunger in their area of the metro to see what was already being done and where people felt there were gaps that this church might be able to fill. That initial conversation helped all of us realize that just coming together to talk about what each of us were doing was immensely helpful. We can share resources, make sure we all know what each organization is doing, when we’re open, etc. to give good information to the people that need help. As we talk more and build relationships with each other, we can look at the food system as a whole rather than just our little piece, perhaps seeing some gaps and work together to change things or make adjustments to better serve the community.

We’ve begun hosting hunger summits in different areas of the metro. Please feel free to share this information and attend any or all meetings that interest you. For more detailed information about this project, click here to download our full project narrative. Learn more: http://bit.ly/KCHungerSummits”