How the Advocacy Playbook Helps You Do Your Best Work

February 25, 2016

Rick McNary, Outreach, Inc., Alliance Advocacy Committee Co-Chair

I learned the importance of working with quality tools during my first year as a carpenter. On the job, I worked with the best tools available on the market. However, one weekend I helped a friend who owned cheap tools. I could not make square cuts or keep the project level. I vowed never to work with cheap tools again because the quality of the work and the satisfaction of a job well-done matters to me.

The Advocacy Playbook is a superbly crafted, quality tool created for people like you whose quality of work and the satisfaction of a job well-done matter to them.  This tool is designed to make your voice more powerful, your writing more effective, and to create greater impact with your strategy.

Thanks to a grant from Con-Agra, the Alliance has created a tool meant for both the novice and the expert. If you are new in advocating for the hungry, then the Playbook is a tremendous guide that will lead you into a deeper understanding of the issues and how to address them. If you are a seasoned veteran championing the cause of the hungry, you will find this tool a well-thought out plan full of valuable resources.

Like any tool, a little training goes a long way in helping you to sharpen your skills. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to the Alliance to help train you in using this tool to create the most impact.

Here are some ideas about utilizing the available training resources:

  • Attend our webinars: here’s a link to our schedule
  • Schedule a training session at the Alliance headquarters
  • Schedule an Alliance staff member to come train yourself and others in your organization
  • Learn how to be a trainer – we have a small staff and believe in the power of replication. We can train you so you can train others
  • Share this resource with others in your sphere of influence
  • Include information about this in the communication channels in your organization
  • Write about it on your website and/or blogs
  • Send out a press release notifying the public of your involvement

At The Outreach Program where I work, we use the Playbook in a variety of ways:

  • Our Americorps VISTAs use it in our Hunger Dialogues in various cities around the state
  • We use it as a resource tool for our Hunger Free Iowa Initiative
  • We use many of the resources in educating our volunteers at our packaging events
  • We frequently put the link to it and reference it in many of our communiqués


Although I no longer make a living as a carpenter, I have a woodworking shop where I make heirlooms for my family. I only use the best tools because I want to create the highest quality of work that stands the test of time.

I approach advocacy for the hungry the same way I approach building a piece of furniture with the understanding that my best work is the result of using the best tools.


For more information about the Advocacy Toolkit, please contact Minerva Delgado, Director of Coalitions & Advocacy at