Hunger, You’ve Met Your Match! Triple Gift Match Gives Food Banks an Edge

February 1, 2014

Sue Canepa, Director of Communications, The Global FoodBanking Network

Hunger in our world of plenty is less about the availability of food and more about physical and economic access to that food. The solution, therefore, is to get food from where it is to places where people go without. And that is the everyday work of food banks.
Food banks rescue food, much that would otherwise be wasted, and distribute it to hungry people through a network of community agencies. Food banking lifts tens of millions of people out of chronic hunger and malnutrition every day. These numbers can dramatically increase with the growth of food banks.

Help Fight Hunger. Support Food Banking.

The Global FoodBanking Network is an international non-profit organization that creates and supports food banks around the world – currently in 25 countries outside the US. Last year, GFN network food banks distributed more than 920 million pounds of food that nourished people instead of going to landfill, where it would pollute the planet.

You can help GFN make even more impact through a new “Triple Gift Match” challenge. An anonymous donor intends to match qualified* donations to GFN at a ratio of 2 to1. So, for each dollar you contribute, an additional two dollars will be donated – thus tripling the impact of your gift. This will be transformational and will significantly advance GFN’s work to conquer hunger and reduce food waste through the powerful solution of food banking.

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