Meals on Wheels Rebrands as Foundation to Meet the Demands of the Future

March 19, 2015

By Susan Waldman, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Meals on Wheels America

Building our nation’s ability to rise to the demands of a burgeoning senior population will require not only an increase in resources, but a rejuvenation of MOWAmerica-march15-coverthe systems that support them. That is why the Meals on Wheels Association of America launched a new comprehensive initiative that rebuilds its brand from its name up. Now Meals on Wheels America, the organization is focused on sparking the nationwide Meals on Meals movement to generate the energy needed to succeed in the decades ahead.

Acting as the national leadership organization for more than 5,000 local community senior nutrition programs across the country, Meals on Wheels America reconstructed its brand focus, look and messaging to establish the role its members play in supporting the independence of seniors. The new brand highlights the nationwide movement of local programs and the two million volunteers who deliver a million meals, friendly visits and safety checks every single day. And, the messaging brings attention to the fact that now is the time to build the capacity needed to serve the rapidly growing demand for Meals on Wheels services in America.MOWAmerica-march15The organization brought together a rebranding team that represented all major disciplines in branding. Informed by robust marketing research and industry insights from Edge Research, Meals on Wheels America worked with The Storybranding Group to develop the strategic messaging that was then translated into the new visual identity by Duffy & Partners.

“This new identity symbolizes the power found in people coming together—a forward movement—where the wheels of urgency generate an energy that is central to the very essence of the organization, just as the ‘M’ and ‘W’ are essential to the most beloved and recognized name that Meals and Wheels evokes,” said Joe Duffy, Creative Director at Duffy & Partners. “In my 30 years in this business, I have never been more proud to extend our hand in using the power of design to contribute to the enrichment of lives for so many.”

The new Meals on Wheels America website, developed by, hosts a wealth of facts and resources to support the senior nutrition field, and more comprehensive public-facing content provides more valuable information for volunteers, the media and families seeking services for their loved ones. For more information, visit to learn more and join the movement. Because, as our new tagline says, Together, We Can Deliver TM.