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The Alliance to End Hunger fosters and supports unique partnerships among its diverse membership to expand their efforts and capacity to benefit the hungry people they serve. By establishing these connections, the Alliance facilitates increased collaboration among the hunger community at-large—allowing for more cross-sector, holistic engagement and less duplicative endeavors. This increased convergence promotes the spread of awareness on the different aspects and perspectives of hunger relief work (agriculture, health, nutrition, development, aid, seniors, youth, etc.), thus aiding the Alliance’s collective goal of building the public and political will to end hunger. Below are some examples of successful partnerships and activities that have occurred through the work of the Alliance.

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Anwar Khan, CEO, Islamic Relief USA
Harriet Giles, Hunger Solutions Inst., Auburn University
Katharine Emerson, Manager-Government Affairs, Monsanto
Marv Baldwin, President & CEO, Foods Resource Bank
Rod Brooks, President & CEO, Stop Hunger Now
Asma Lateef, Director, Bread for the World Institute

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