Monmouth College Joins Alliance to End Hunger in Continued Spirit of Global Community

May 21, 2016

Submitted by Ronda Willhardt, Monmouth College

Monmouth_College_Corporate_LogoMonmouth College’s decision to join the Alliance to End Hunger was a natural expression of its institutional values and its leader as an exponent of the liberating arts.

As a member of an increasingly globalized world, the College recognizes both the grave consequences of food insecurity and malnutrition, as well as our community’s responsibility to work toward achieving food security locally and globally.

Monmouth was a charter signatory – and the first liberal arts college – of Presidents United to Solve Hunger. PUSH is a commitment by higher education leaders to make food and nutrition security a campus priority through teaching, research, outreach and student engagement.

In addition to Monmouth’s commitment to join the global effort to end hunger and malnutrition, the College also actively addresses food insecurity on the local level. Because more than 80 percent of children who attend area public schools qualify for reduced or free meals, Monmouth students, faculty and staff work to alleviate the problem of food insecurity locally.

Joining the Alliance to End Hunger also complements the College’s Global Food Security Triad, an innovative academic program that offers students an interdisciplinary approach to solving the world hunger challenge. By bringing together faculty from diverse disciplines, the Global Food Security Triad prepares students to change the world through studying and better understanding food security.

Embracing Monmouth’s liberating arts focus and commitment to an interdisciplinary curriculum, the Global Food Security Triad provides students the opportunity to learn from, and work with, faculty dedicated to global food security. Through the Global Food Security Triad, anthropology, biology and economics professors collaborate to provide a comprehensive and challenging education in global food security.

Founded in 1853, Monmouth is a small, private liberal arts college in West Central Illinois with a strong Presbyterian heritage. We prefer to say that we are a liberating arts college. Liberal arts is a valuable educational philosophy and curriculum. The liberating arts are an act of empowerment. It’s what a Monmouth education does for each of our students and graduates. The liberating arts empower our students to uncover their true potential and make it real in the world around them.

We encourage our students, faculty and staff to “Think Anew, Act Anew.” Rooted in the ideas of Abraham Lincoln’s “Second Message to Congress,” “Think Anew, Act Anew” is a powerful call to action for everyone at Monmouth. The phrase challenges each of us to find ways every day to infuse our work with innovative thinking – with programs such as the Global Food Security Triad – so we can continually improve our community and ourselves.

Monmouth is a tight-knit family of educators and learners. Our faculty and staff care deeply about what they do, and they challenge students to see the world from many different perspectives. The result: Monmouth students unlock their full potential. And that’s what we believe college is all about: gaining everything needed to live a full life, long after graduates have landed their first job.