Outreach, Inc. Holds Packing Event at 2014 HFC Summit

March 1, 2014

Rick McNary, Outreach, Inc.

Alliance Exec. Director Emeritus Tony Hall pitching in to pack meals at the 2014 HFC Conference

Participants at the Hunger Free Communities Summit in DC were able to fight domestic hunger by packaging 5,000 Outreach, Inc., Rice & Beans meals for a local food pantry, Bread for the City. The domestic meals were designed by Iowa State University’s Food Science Department for Outreach.

One end of the room was set up with tables that held all the necessary ingredients and equipment to package the meals. Volunteers donned food-safe attire and went to work packaging the meals. Ambassador Tony Hall said, “I’m thrilled that we were able to have a packaging event with Outreach for Bread for the City during the Hunger Free Communities Summit reception. It was a fun way to combine advocacy and action.”

Outreach Meal Packaging Events are set up across the United States to engage businesses, religious and civic organizations, schools, and volunteers of all ages to package meals for the hungry. They offer two domestic meals as well as an international meal. They recently shipped nearly 1.5 million meals to the Philippines.

Outreach, Inc., was founded by in 2004 by retired business people Floyd and Kathy Hammer after they witnessed starvation in Tanzania. After conversations with village leaders came the Four Promises our Outreach, Inc.: to provide safe water, food, medicine, and education to those in need at home and abroad. Since then, they have facilitated the packaging of over 247 million meals. For their efforts, they were invited by President Obama and former President Bush to the White House to receive the 5,000th Points of Light Award.