Pittsburgh Burger Joints Team Up With WFPUSA to Help Feed World’s Children

February 1, 2014

M.J. Stephey, World Food Program USA

(Courtesy, World Food Program USA)

This month, World Food Program USA is partnering with Burgatory Bar — a trio of burger joints in Pittsburgh — to launch “FEED-uary,” a campaign that aims to contribute 1,000 meals a day for 28 days to WFP’s School Meals Program, which feeds more than 24 million children in 60 countries each year.

For many boys and girls in developing nations, school is the only place where they can count on a steady meal. Without proper nutrition, children are unable to concentrate in the classroom or even make the long trek to school. Many children, especially girls, are taken out of school entirely so they can work to help feed their families. Without the opportunities that an education affords, these children are trapped in a cycle of poverty.

But it doesn’t cost much to break this cycle: Just 25 cents can provide a nourishing meal to a child who would otherwise go hungry. By encouraging education through school meals, WFP  gives families incentive to keep their children in the classroom so they can fulfill their potential and lead better lives.

For each burger sold in February, Burgatory Bar will donate 25 cents to WFP USA with the total goal of providing 28,000 meals for children around the world this month alone.

At WFP USA, we know that ending hunger is a team effort that requires support from citizens and companies alike. We’re proud to have partners like Burgatory Bar who share our mission to help solve the world’s greatest solvable problem.
Learn more about “FEED-uary” and WFPUSA by visiting this resent blog post.