Potato Board Event Highlights the Global Role of Potatoes

March 16, 2015

Submitted by the US Potato Board 

The Third Annual “Dehy around the World” luncheon and workshop, held on February 25th at the Willard InterContinental Hotel in Washington D.C., affirmed the growing role of potatoes in building global food security. The event was attended by 43 people representing the US government at USDA and USAID, Private Voluntary Organizations (PVOs), farmer leaders, and others.

(Courtesy: US Potato Board)

(Courtesy: US Potato Board)

A panel presentation at the event highlighted the US Potato Board’s International Food Assistance and Development (IFAD) Program services as well as Private Voluntary Organizations (PVO) experiences with dehydrated potatoes and partnerships with the USPB IFAD Program.

  • Ron Croushorn, USDA/FAS, introduced and moderated the panel. Ron also provided some background on the long-standing work that has been done with US government-supported programs through the USDA and USAID.
  • T.K. Kuwahara, Global Ingredients Manager for the US Potato Board, provided background on the IFAD Program and the products that are currently used and under development, as well as ones that are being tested for use in food assistance programs.
  • Rang Hee Kim, Director of Programs for Counterpart International at their headquarters in Washington D.C., outlined their long-time and mutually beneficial partnership with the USPB to provide the highest quality food assistance and services in Cameroon and Senegal.
  • The final presentations were provided by the International Partnership for Human Development’s Louis Ulrich, Country Director Assistant in Guinea-Bissau, and Cornel Bindea, IT and Publications Director in Congo-Brazzaville. Each of these presentations featured the partnership support from the USPB’s IFAD Program, including training, operations research, and agricultural development in both countries.
(Courtesy: US Potato Board)

(Courtesy: US Potato Board)

Lunch featured a menu of dehydrated potato-based dishes from around the world, demonstrating the global appeal of these products.  The menu included crispy appetizers such as grissini and mashed potato balls, lamb meatballs with potato spaetzle, mashed potato hummus, potato-curry chicken soup, a variety of food assistance program recipes such as Ethiopian Delight, a mashed potato martini bar with a variety of toppings, and even desserts such as potato-peanut butter cookies.

More information on this event, including recipes and presentations, are available by contacting T.K. Kuwahara at 303-873-231, teresak@uspotatoes.com.