Presidential Primaries: Are You Voting to End Hunger?

February 10, 2016

Moeun Sun, Communications Fellow, Alliance to End Hunger

All political eyes are on the Presidential Primaries, which are now well underway. As candidates ramp up their efforts to build support, a number of organizations are also stepping up their efforts to bring the issue of ending hunger to the forefront of the election through a movement of their own.

The Vote to End Hunger campaign was launched last October during World Food Prize week in Iowa as an effort to highlight hunger as a political priority this election season. Since its launch, the campaign has been mobilizing grassroots organizations and individuals around the country to urge presidential candidates to develop a strategy to fight hunger in America. While it is no secret that the United States struggles with alarming rates of hunger—approximately 1 in 7 American households struggle to put food on their tables—many are optimistic about the ability to eradicate it.

This issue of hunger in the richest country in the world presents a perverse irony, especially when considering our copious amount of food waste: it has been estimated that around 30-40% of food supply is gone to waste in America. Roughly translating into more than 20 pounds of food per person per month, there is a strong argument to be made that hunger in America is not an issue of inadequate food supply, but the lack of access to affordable foods that are healthy and nutritious for everyone. In short, hunger in this country is due to a lack of public and political will.

As one of the main voices in this campaign, building both the public and political will to end hunger has been the mission of the Alliance to End Hunger for the past decade. A membership-based organization that partners across sectors with public institutions, universities and corporations among others, this campaign offers the opportunity for more and better partnerships. Ambassador Tony Hall, Alliance to End Hunger’s Director Emeritus, put it simply: “By working together as individuals and organizations, we will end hunger in our lifetimes. Vote to End Hunger will help our efforts in this regard.”

Throughout the years, the world has made possible unprecedented progress in reducing hunger and poverty, proving the power of strong leadership, serious commitment, and strategic partnerships. The same is true of ending domestic hunger, and this election season, Vote to End Hunger is providing a platform on which to demand that ending hunger in America be a political priority for our next President. Where there is a public and political will, there is a way.

So join the movement, and vote to end hunger this election.

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 The steering committee for VTEH includes: Alliance to End Hunger, Bread for the World, No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels America, Results, Feeding America, and Food Research & Action Center.