The Self-Assessment Workbook (SAW) is a tool to help build the capacity of the Hunger Free Communities (HFC) Network.

The goal of the SAW is to assist a HFC coalition or backbone support organization in determining the critical elements for effective organizational management and network functioning and to identify those areas in need of strengthening or further development. The SAW is designed to enable organizational learning, foster team sharing, and encourage reflective self-assessment within an anti-hunger coalition. It can be used for strategic planning, evaluation and building group cohesion.

Not intended to be a scientific method, the value of the SAW is in its collaborative, self-guided and self-paced process. It offers organizations and coalitions a chance to reflect on their current status compared to recognized standards and best practices.

A secondary goal of the SAW is to help the Alliance to End Hunger determine technical assistance and training needs across the HFC Network.

The SAW has ten chapters plus a cumulative scorecard and helpful resources within each chapter.
1 – Governance
2 – Administration
3 – Human Resources
4 – Financial Management
5 – Organizational Management
6 – Network Capacities
7 – Program Design
8 – Program Management
9 – Policy Analysis and Advocacy
10 – Racial Equity

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Published By: Minerva Delgado, Alliance to End Hunger
Publication Date: September 01, 2018