In 2009, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) formed a Farm to School Team, comprised of staff from both the Food and Nutrition Service and Agricultural Marketing Service, to gain a greater understanding of the variables that affect farm to school; determine what needs exist for the school districts and farmers to begin, progress, or sustain their farm to school activities; and what support the USDA could provide for these efforts. This report summarizes the 2010 site visits and is divided into the following topic areas: school food service infrastructure; Farm to School implementation and promotion; procurement; Farm to School education; food safety; impact and evaluation; local, state and federal policy; and farmers’ perspective in selling in schools.

Each topic area includes related background information, common challenges expressed by the site visit participants, and examples of how those challenges were addressed by the participants, also known as “Expressed Challenges” and “Addressing the Challenges,” respectively. Each topic area also offers a conclusion from the Farm to School Team, which highlights existing efforts USDA provides to support farm to school efforts and also provides specific suggestions for how USDA can better assist schools and farmers in their endeavors.