Responding in Nepal-Story from the Field

June 16, 2015

Derick Lea, Islamic Relief USA

Courtesy: IRUSA

Courtesy: IRUSA

After nearly 4 hours of driving slowly through rough terrain from the Capitol, we arrived in District IV and began interviewing some of the local leaders.  They confirmed their need for food and shelter, but stressed that food was the immediate issue.  They showed us around the village that formerly existed and even showed us how their homes, livestock and land had been affected by the earthquake.

We purchased food and put together food bags that could feed a family of 4 about 2 weeks.  About 500 bags were prepared and loaded up for delivery, and the next day at day break we headed back to District IV.  Upon arrival around 10 am, we were met by the town which had lined up in anticipation of our arrival.  We identified a number of residents to assist and set up a distribution system. This process took the entire day, and those receiving expressed their extreme gratitude for all we were able to do.

One young lady with a child asked us to come into her makeshift tent to thank us for our help.  She showed us how she would prepare the food given and how her family would eat because of us.

This was just one of several food distributions Islamic Relief USA was able to do in the days immediately following the earthquake.