Stop Hunger Now engages volunteers on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable

December 16, 2014

Submitted by Chessney Barrick Pullen, on behalf of Stop Hunger Now

Nine year old Mili is wide-eyed, smiling and talkative. She tells of jumping rope with her friends as easily as she does going hungry. “We are not always eating all the time,” she says with an innocent smile. “Sometimes my mother goes to my grandmother’s home and asks for food. If she has some we eat, but if she doesn’t, we don’t eat.”

The smile remains as Mili moves onto news of her upcoming birth­day. “We celebrate my birthday by getting a chicken to eat,” she says. “But only if we have money.” As the children head back to class Mili says, “I feel happy when I come to school because I know I’m going to eat here!”

9-year-old Mili. (Courtesy: Stop Hunger Now)

9-year-old Mili. (Courtesy: Stop Hunger Now)

As another successful year comes to a close, we here at Stop Hunger Now can look back on the past 12 months with gratitude and awe. Because of you and our trusted in-country partners, we have fed even more of the world’s most vulnerable and expanded our footprint with new warehouses around the world.  Because of you, we believe that a world without hunger is possible.

We measure success in the faces of children like Mili, who bounds into her classroom every day at a public school in El Salvador’s Santa Ana province.

Since 2005, Stop Hunger Now has packaged more than 170 million meals to feed children around the world like Mili. More than 450,000 volunteers have joined Stop Hunger Now in the global movement to end hunger in our lifetime.

Volunteers are one of the essential resources Stop Hunger Now needs to help realize the vision of a world without hunger. Each year, thousands of volunteers join Stop Hunger Now to package meals, support warehouse operations, and assist with administration duties. Join the fight against hunger by volunteering with Stop Hunger Now! Visit to learn more.

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