Trees for the Future Launches Innovative Online Training Center

September 19, 2017

Courtesy: Trees for the Future

Recently, Trees for the Future launched its Forest Garden Training Center, an online training certification that helps groups such as practitioners and international development workers to “Plant trees, Change lives” and end deforestation and unsustainable agriculture practices across the developing world. The Center focuses on teaching best practices in agroforestry and on-the-ground facilitation and training in rural, low-resource environments. This resource will allow international development professionals- particularly those working in the field- to address some of the most pressing environmental problems by learning the Forest Garden Approach.

“In just about every community across the developing world, farming and livestock are the top reasons for deforestation,” explains John Leary, Executive Director of Trees for the Future and author of his new book, One Shot: Trees as Our Last Chance for Survival. “With the Forest Garden Approach we are able to take the world’s worst environmental offenders and turn them into forces for good.”

After nearly thirty years of working on agroforestry projects and tree-planting activities across the developing world, Trees for the Future understood the need to bolster the technical skills of international development workers, particularly field-based staff and agriculture extension agents, as well as the facilitation and training capacity that these staff bring to projects. Trees for the Future has a goal of ending hunger and poverty for one million subsistence farmers across the globe, and the organization recognizes that it cannot accomplish this alone. Through the power of partnership and by sharing the relevant technical, training, and certification resources with partner organizations, Trees for the Future will bring this new paradigm of sustainable development to the rural poor and the organizations that serve them.

“Our goal is to find more organizations to get their staff certified and active doing Forest Garden training wherever they operate,” says Leary. “Through coordinated effort, we can lift hundreds of thousands of families out of poverty in the coming years through the planting of millions of trees.”

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