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The Alliance to End Hunger fosters and supports unique partnerships among its diverse membership to expand their efforts and capacity to benefit food and nutrition outcomes in the United States and around the world. By establishing these connections, the Alliance facilitates increased collaboration among the hunger community at-large—allowing for more cross-sector, holistic engagement. This increased convergence promotes the spread of awareness on the different aspects and perspectives of hunger relief work (agriculture, health, nutrition, development, aid, seniors, youth, etc.), thus aiding the Alliance’s collective goal of building the public and political will to end hunger. You can view what some of our members have to say about the Alliance below.

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Members on the Alliance's Value and Impact
Monica Gonzales, Director of Congressional Relations, Feeding America
Colin Christensen, Global Policy Director, One Acre Fund
Emily Dimiero, Director of Federal Government Relations, Cargill
Bud Philbrook, President and CEO, Global Volunteers
Joël McClurg, Exec. Dir. of Integration, Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger
Atul Tandon, CEO, Opportunity International
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