The COVID-19 crisis is impacting Food Security at Home and Abroad. Learn More and Take Action!
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Our Work

 The Alliance initiates unique partnerships among members to expand their efforts to benefit the hungry people they serve.

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 Alliance members work together to educate policymakers about issues impacting hungry people in the U.S. and around the world.

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 The Alliance encourages cooperation among diverse stakeholders through our U.S.-focused Hunger Free Communities Initiative and through our global National Alliance Partnership Program.

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News & Insights

A Note from Asma Lateef, Interim Executive Director
August 27, 2020

Dear Alliance Members, Partners, and Friends, It has been almost two months since I took over as Interim Executive Director for…

Opportunity International’s AgFinance Model: Responding to Farmers’ Needs Amid a Pandemic
August 26, 2020

By Tim Strong and Tineyi Mawocha | Opportunity International Tineyi Mawocha serves as the Africa Regional Director and lives in…

SDG2 Advocacy Hub Update: COVID-19 and a Critical Moment for Global Food Security
August 26, 2020

Paul Newnham, Director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub, reflects on moments and opportunities to accelerate SDG2 progress in the coming…

Global Volunteers Responds to Need for Long-Term Comprehensive Community Development
August 25, 2020

Michele Gran, Co-Founder & Sr. Vice President, Global Volunteers As the global pandemic and resulting economic crisis has increased the…

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