• Does your coalition have an official name yet? (e.g. Texas Hunger Initiative, New York City Coalition Against Hunger) if it does not have a name yet please indicate that.
  • If your coalition does not have an official start date, simply list an approximate date of when your coalition began meeting or organizing.
    What geographic region does your HFC encompass?
    Geographically speaking, what type(s) of communities does your HFC coalition serve?
    As a coalition, what types of activities does your HFC coalition engage in? These are broader categories of coalition involvement. More specific programs that support these broader activity areas are listed below in the next question.
    What types of programs are members of your coalition, or your coalition as a whole, involved in?
    What sorts of groups are involved in your HFC coalition?
    If your coalition has written a plan, but it has not yet been finalized, please answer "No".
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