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Alliance to End Hunger Dismayed by Increasing Hunger and Malnutrition of Gaza Population

WASHINGTON (December 22, 2023) The Alliance to End Hunger is deeply troubled by the conditions faced by the civilian population of Gaza, and the hunger and malnutrition caused by the current conflict. According to the World Food Programme, the entire population of 2.2 million people in the Gaza Strip is suffering “crisis or worse levels of food insecurity” and even starvation. Civilian populations within Gaza require sufficient access to safe and clean water, food, and electricity to ensure survival. Ensuring access to these basic human necessities should be a priority of the international community in order to stave off famine conditions within the Gaza Strip. The Alliance to End Hunger will continue to work with partners within its membership and across government agencies to ensure innocent populations everywhere are able to access much-needed food and other necessities.

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