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Hunger Free Kansas

Hunger Free Kansas (HFK) is a robust network of stakeholders and infrastructure dedicated to tackling the issue of food insecurity throughout the state. More than 1:8 Kansans are food insecure, with 1:5 Kansas children living in households that struggle to provide adequate food for family members according to Feeding America. We believe this is a solvable issue, and Hunger Free Kansas aims to align efforts by developing public/private partnerships, creating systemic solutions and collaborating with existing organizations addressing hunger.
Hunger Free Kansas was launched in 2023, with initial funding and management provided by the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF). A collaborative network of partners was instrumental in the launch, including corporate partners, universities, advocacy organizations, and state-level nonprofits. Ending hunger in Kansas is the first major health challenge KHF invested in under its new strategic framework to help lead the nation in health.