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Recent Senate Supplemental is Vital for Global Humanitarian and Food Security Goals

WASHINGTON (February 13, 2024) The Alliance to End Hunger is encouraged by the recent Senate passage of a bipartisan national security supplemental that includes lifesaving humanitarian support for populations facing dire food insecurity around the world. The Alliance applauds leadership in the Senate for their commitment to this lifesaving aid, and strongly urges the House to quickly bring this legislation to the floor.

The bill, passed in the Senate early on the 13th, contains critical provisions that address humanitarian crises around the globe including:

  • $5.65B towards International Disaster Assistance (IDA), which includes emergency food assistance;
  • $3.5B for Migration and Refugee Assistance (MRA); and
  • $50M for “Food Security” through the Economic Support Fund (ESF).

These funding levels are in line with requests made by the humanitarian community, including a request made by the Alliance and coalition partners in September of 2023.

“The continuing conflict in Ukraine, the increasing humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, and the enduring food crises around the globe all make this funding essential,” states Alliance to End Hunger President Eric Mitchell. “Every day that we wait for policymakers to get on the same page means more families suffering, more children dying, and more communities with uncertain futures. It is imperative that the House of Representatives takes up this bill and passes it as soon as possible.”

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