Hunger Free Communities Map

Hunger Nutrition Coalition of Bucks County

In July 2001 the League of Women voters convened a Nutrition Task Force to identify the obstacles Bucks County low-income families experience in accessing food and nutritional resources. Beginning with fourteen Bucks County social service agencies, more agencies and individuals joined the effort of working in partnership with regional organizations and other concerned groups to… Continue reading Hunger Nutrition Coalition of Bucks County

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MontCo Anti-Hunger Network (MAHN)

Our Story: In late 2013, the Pottstown Cluster Outreach Center got a call from a large grocery store that wanted to donate over 1000 gallons of milk. Pottstown Cluster took what they could store and then reached out to other organizations to see if they could take the remaining donation. Coordinating with other pantries on… Continue reading MontCo Anti-Hunger Network (MAHN)

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